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National Parks


Zion National Park extends over 30 miles from east to west and and covers 229 square miles. These canyons were named by early Mormon settlers (LDS) and some of the formations within the park have names from the Christian Bible. Zion National Park is a composite of sandstone that has been stained by the oxidizing of iron in the rock, thus providing the brilliant red hues within the park. These canyons are inhabited by approximately 75 species of mammals, 32 reptiles and amphibians, 271 birds and 8 fish.
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Bryce Canyon is best experienced by going down inside the park. This can be accomplished in several ways. You may hike down, ride horseback or even take a scenic plane or helicopter ride outside along the outer rim. Remember that Bryce ranges in elevation from 8,000 to 9,000 feet and walking trails are quite steep. The walk down will be easy but the walk back up requires some effort. It is definitely worth the time and the effort, but remember to bring layers of clothing for varying temperatures and also bring plenty of water to drink.
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Snow Canyon is filled with petrified sand dunes, towering cliffs, dormant volcanic cones, lava tubes/caverns, sandstone arches and rainwater ponds. There are several hiking/biking trails available within the park that offers visitors a chance to see one or all of these incredible attractions. Hikers should also keep watch for the desert wildlife found in the area. Some of the more interesting creatures include Gila monsters, desert tortoises, scorpions, Mojave sidewinder snake and Utah banded geckos.
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Grand Canyon is a geologic marvel. The Colorado River has exposed layers of sediment that date back through eons of time. There are many hiking trails, backcountry trails and observation points on North Rim of the Grand Canyon. Visitors can plan a river trip (varying lengths from a few hours or many days) on the Colorado River or schedule a flight over this natural wonder in an airplane or helicopter. Whatever your taste, budget or ability, the Grand Canyon National Park is sure to amaze you with its grandeur and splendor.
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