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Awesome New Park | Thunder Junction | All Abilities Park

For families visiting Utah, Thunder Junction All Abilities Park is a must-see destination. This unique park captivates children with its exciting dinosaur-themed playground, offering a world of adventure and discovery.   Thunder Junction All Abilities Park offers a variety of engaging activities: An erupting smoke volcano for immersive fun. A miniature, operational train for little explorers. A jungle-themed treehouse playground. A water play zone and splash pad for cooling off....

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2017 St. George Events

In Southern Utah, there’s always something exciting waiting for you! Here are a few of the upcoming events happening in the greater St. George area: St. George Half Marathon January 14th: Southern Utah’s longest running half-marathon celebrates its 35th consecutive year. The St. George Half Marathon takes place on paved city trails winding along the Virgin River and through the scenic St. George landscape. (sgcity.org) St. George Area Parade of...

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The Tuacahn Theatre Story

The Tuacahn Theatre lies among the majestic 1500-foot red sandstone cliffs of Padre Canyon in Ivins, Utah. Since opening, the venue has entertained hundreds of thousands of spectators with a selection of popular Broadway musicals. From the middle of spring into the middle of autumn, the Tuacahn thrills audiences with spectacular special effects, pyrotechnics and professional performers. Photo Credit: McKinley on flickr The Tuacahn Theatre Story More than a century...

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Plan Your Vacation by Choosing What Not to Do

The number of options that you have for a vacation are endless. Therefore, you can become easily overwhelmed by the multitude of things that you could do on your trip. Instead of developing a migraine trying to fit 100 activities into a 24-hour day, you can take an easier trip planning route. Try going down this list of what not to do on vacation, and then you can figure out...

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St. George, Utah, Information

Located in scenic southwestern Utah, St. George is increasingly being recognized as one of the most desireable recreation and vacation spots in the West. The famous St. George climate, balmy in summer and surprisingly mild in winter, is only one of many reasons to fall in love with this magnificent hidden treasure. Photo Credit: ap0013 on flickr Outdoor Recreation Central Situated amid breathtaking high desert cliffs, mesas and red rock...

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Why You should Play Golf

A good sport helps you relax while still providing you with a timely jolt of adrenaline. You can try BASE jumping or white-water rafting, but why not get your thrills from a sport that’s a little more laid back? Golf is a sport that is much more than a good walk spoiled – it provides exercise for the body while still stimulating the mind. This is a sport of passion,...

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How to Really Enjoy Your Vacation

A vacation is something you should enjoy. It is a break from the stress of daily life, so it is important to relax and have fun. If you find that you don’t enjoy your vacations as much as you would like, here are some tips to help you enjoy one more. Photo credit: easyandme on flickr Anticipation Participate in planning your vacation. This prepares you psychologically. Read a book about...

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Checklist For Your Next Vacation: 4 Essential Things To Remember

Everyone needs to take a vacation at some point in time. In addition to experiencing and exploring new locations, these excursions give people a chance to break free from the pressures and responsibilities of everyday life. Traveling can be incredibly exciting and rewarding, but there are countless details that have to be tended to first. Diligent preparation is vital for a successful trip. If you overlook the essentials, unnecessary problems...

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Birds of a Feather Gather for St George Winter Bird Festival

Otherwise known as birdwatching, birding is a favorite activity of people from all walks of life from all parts of the globe. Some birding enthusiasts liken it to an ongoing, nature-based scavenger hunt that can be played in any location. With more than 51 million practicing birding aficionados across the globe, birdwatching is one of the fastest growing activities everywhere. High profile enthusiasts of this inexpensive, healthy hobby include former...

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What Not To Pack – St. George

Having difficulties getting your baggage to the right weight for your airline travel? Need a few ways to save both money, time, and space? Here are few tips to help with every vacation: Clothing The bulk of any suitcase is the clothes. Instead of packing items, pack outfits, taking exactly the amount and types you need with only one or two outliers. Then, if you want to mix and match,...

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