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Plan Your Vacation by Choosing What Not to Do

The number of options that you have for a vacation are endless. Therefore, you can become easily overwhelmed by the multitude of things that you could do on your trip. Instead of developing a migraine trying to fit 100 activities into a 24-hour day, you can take an easier trip planning route. Try going down this list of what not to do on vacation, and then you can figure out...

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Why You should Play Golf

A good sport helps you relax while still providing you with a timely jolt of adrenaline. You can try BASE jumping or white-water rafting, but why not get your thrills from a sport that’s a little more laid back? Golf is a sport that is much more than a good walk spoiled – it provides exercise for the body while still stimulating the mind. This is a sport of passion,...

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How to Really Enjoy Your Vacation

A vacation is something you should enjoy. It is a break from the stress of daily life, so it is important to relax and have fun. If you find that you don’t enjoy your vacations as much as you would like, here are some tips to help you enjoy one more. Photo credit: easyandme on flickr Anticipation Participate in planning your vacation. This prepares you psychologically. Read a book about...

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Checklist For Your Next Vacation: 4 Essential Things To Remember

Everyone needs to take a vacation at some point in time. In addition to experiencing and exploring new locations, these excursions give people a chance to break free from the pressures and responsibilities of everyday life. Traveling can be incredibly exciting and rewarding, but there are countless details that have to be tended to first. Diligent preparation is vital for a successful trip. If you overlook the essentials, unnecessary problems...

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What Not To Pack – St. George

Having difficulties getting your baggage to the right weight for your airline travel? Need a few ways to save both money, time, and space? Here are few tips to help with every vacation: Clothing The bulk of any suitcase is the clothes. Instead of packing items, pack outfits, taking exactly the amount and types you need with only one or two outliers. Then, if you want to mix and match,...

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Why Choose A Vacation Rental Over A Hotel?

When it comes to vacationing for longer periods of time, you want to be as comfortable as possible, right? No crowded tiny rooms, especially when it is a family vacation. Here are the top 4 reasons why staying in a vacation rental is a better choice than staying in a hotel room. Photo Credit: Justice Mitchell on flickr 1. Privacy When it comes to hotel rooms, you have to deal...

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Fun Nearby Places To Visit While in St. George

St. George was blessed to be located to multiple State and National parks, fun cities and more. While in St. George you will find yourself puzzled by the amount of things you can do that are within a short driving distance from here hat offer up some good fun!   Photo Credit: James Marvin Phelps on flickr Las Vegas Only about two hours south of our sunny little town lies...

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How To Prepare For A Stay In St. George During Winter

Most people who visit St. George during the winter are usually coming for the warmer weather and to escape the snow for a while. St. George is known for its year round amazing weather, about 300 days per year that a considered “sunny”. Although this is true, what people forget is that it is a desert, and deserts can get pretty darn cold at night. So to help you out...

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Holiday Travel Tips

With the holidays quickly coming about, you’re probably starting to worry more and more about your holiday travel plans and how stressful it is going to be. Everyone knows that traveling during the holidays can be the absolute worst! There are so many things that can go wrong with traveling during the winter months, like more delays, longer waits, harsh weather, etc. Flying and driving alike can be scary and...

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How To Avoid Post Vacation Blues

Let’s face it… Everyone gets a little bummed out after leaving back home from an amazing vacation. Especially one to St. George, after being in the warm sunshine for several days and experiencing some of the most stunning landscapes that Utah has to offer, going back home can really drag you down. So what do you do to get back up from there? Here are a few tips to help...

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