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Benefits of Vacationing

It today’s world, vacationing is looked at as a pocket emptier and a stress filled “adventure”. Which is quite sad because vacationing can actually be very beneficial to you and your mental and physical health! Here are some things that you can benefit from taking a good vacation!   Photo Credit: easyandme on flickr Better Physical Health   Stress can take a huge toll on your body, especially stress from...

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Alex Boye Concert, Miss Saigon Play, Battle of the Bands and More

It’s tough to beat a weekend of events like this in St George. Starting with Alex Boyé’s Small Town tour concert going on tonight at Desert Hills High School. Alex Boyé is an world renowned singer who has performed for the likes of Prince Charles, and X-Factor, America’s Got Talent and more. Born in London, England by a mother with Nigerian descent, he has sold more than 500,000 albums, with ten...

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From Rodeo’s to Art Festivals to Concerts – Southern Utah’s a Happening Place This Weekend

Really there is something for everyone in southern Utah this weekend. There are races, movies in the park, drive in movies, star parties, and a lot of other things going on, but we’re going to focus on just three of them. Cedar City PRCA Championship Rodeo If it’s horses, barrel riding, and bareback that you’re into, then head north just a few minutes to Cedar City, where they’ve got professional...

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Top 5 Things in St George

People often ask us what are the must do’s in St George? What are the bucket list items that everyone who comes here has to do at least one or two of? Image Credit: – Tuacahn 5. Tuacahn Tuacahn offers premier shows, bringing actors and sets in from all over the country. The setting that’s offered at Tuacahn is one of the most stunning in all of Utah, possibly west...

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What to do on a Lazy Day in St George

If you’re ever in St George and are just looking for some small things to do on a lazy day, then we’ve got a few for you. You’ve done the Zion thing, the Snow Canyon thing, or maybe been boating today, and now you want to just relax but still do something. There are a handful of little places and things to do that make St George a great place...

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St. George-Perfect Vacation Weather Year-round

Are you planning a trip to St. George? If you’re not, you should be! Our beautiful weather makes for the perfect vacation spot year round. Hurry up and start planning! We’re waiting for you! Saint George has great weather for those who love the outdoors.  Because of the favorable climate, golf courses are open year round and people love to swim outdoor from March through October.  A pool is really...

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Road Trip Games for your trip to St. George

Most people drive to St. George, Utah.  We get a lot of vacationers from the Salt Lake City area that just need to get away from the inversion, snow, colder weather, and crowds in Northern Utah.  St. George is 300 miles south of Salt Lake on I-15. So if you’re traveling to Southern Utah with kids, which a lot of you are, you have 4-5 hours in the car with...

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Washington Aquatic Center – Cool New Pool

It’s about that time that you’re starting to plan your summer vacation, am I right? And you’re thinking what are we going to do this year? Well… The Washington Aquatic Center is a ton of fun! Kids love it…and, umh, so do I!  This is the newest and coolest pool in St. George, Utah.  Washington is the city connected to St. George just to the north and it’s close to...

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Bachelorette Party Plans in St. George, Utah

Spring is coming soon and you know what that means – it’s the start of wedding season and you’re trying to plan your best friends Bachelorette Party. You’re visiting St. George Vacation Rentals blog, so most likely you’ve already decided a boring bachelorette party in your living room just won’t cut it.  Smart.  Your normal weekend hangouts just aren’t special enough either, and you know that. So, it’s time for...

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December St. George, Utah Weather and Temperature Information

December St. George, Utah Weather and Temperature Information December is one of the coldest months in St. George, Utah, but don’t you fret! You will still be able to enjoy fun activities during this month. Because the city is naturally blessed with mild winter, residents and tourists can still enjoy entertaining activities even in the middle of winter. This month is very exciting because of the important occasion that everyone...

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