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November St. George, Utah Weather and Temperature Information

November St. George, Utah Weather and Temperature Information During the last month of autumn, you might want to enjoy doing various activities and go to various wonderful places in St. George, Utah. Because of the mild winter in the area, you will still be able to enjoy a warmer autumn, even though winter is just a month away and snow is beginning to fall. Because of the low elevation of...

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Where to Shop In St George Utah| Zion Outlet Mall Stores

Shopping while on vacation?  Huh?  Are you kidding me?  That’s what some of the men in your group will say. But the women know better.  They know shopping can be a fun and relaxing event during your vacation.  In fact, Southwest airlines even promotes “shopping vacations” to different cities in the U.S.  St. George isn’t on Southwest’s destination list, but who knows, maybe it will be one day. So where...

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St. George and Las Palmas – The Perfect Family Reunion

It’s about that time of year. You’ve recovered from this years reunion with the family and you’re ready to start planning where to go next year. What a daunting task! You want to go somewhere where the kids can be happy and play and the adults can relax and catch up, but you want it to be affordable. You need it to be affordable. I know, I read your mind...

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Secret Southern Utah Scenic Drives| Highway 12

If you are visiting Southern Utah from out of state, you are likely  on your way to or from Zions, Arches National Park, Lake Powell, Snow Canyon, or the Grand Canyon. Chances are you’ve been impressed with the scenery on well-traveled I-15 or I-89. But, I’m going to share a little secret that even a lot of St. George locals don’t know about: Scenic Utah Highway 12. I don’t even...

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#2 Top Restaurant in St. George – Pizza Factory

Wow! This restaurant should be the #1 rated restaurant in St. George Utah if you count tradition.  Not to discount Cafe Rio, but Pizza Factory has been a family tradition for over  20 years for families visiting the Southern Utah area. Yes, there are other Pizza Factory restaurants, but the original on St. George Boulevard is always the best.  The original owner is still seen in the restaurant hauling in...

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October St. George, Utah Weather and Temperature Information

October St. George, Utah Weather and Temperature Information During the month of October, the last month of the year without rain, you will be able to enjoy the weather and do fun activities that you won’t be able to do once the rain downpour starts (what little rain occurs in the desert). Take advantage of this opportunity and go to various tourist destinations and activity areas to do all of...

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Brigham Young Home in St. George, Utah

Brigham Young, he’s the guy BYU is named after, right? Yes. He also led the Mormon church for a long, long time. During the three decades Brigham Young led The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, he directed the establishment of more than 300 communities throughout the American West. “Brother Brigham” sent the first settlers to St. George, Utah “Utah’s Dixie” or “Zion” in 1861. During his annual visits...

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Where to Take Kids in St. George Utah Fiesta Fun

Fiesta Fun, “Where the fun never sets” If you’ve ever said “there is nothing to do in St. George” well then… you are wrong.  Oh, and, you should be more adventurous and get out more! But when you’re ready to venture out, start by heading over to Fiesta Fun!  It is seriously fun for kids and adults alike. Fiesta Fun  is the #1 spot for birthday parties in St. George...

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Hellhole Trail- St. George, UT

Don’t let the name scare you! A couple weeks back we went down to St. George for a couple days to see the fam and do some hiking on our way to Mexico. Before our LONG drive I thought some extra walking would be a great idea. Since we’ve already done most of the ones in Snow Canyon State Park I wanted to try somewhere new. I finally settled on...

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Grafton Ghost Town

Should You Visit the Grafton Ghost Town? When thinking about the ghost towns that are located in Southwest USA, there are usually two types that stand out. Some are really commercial and restored so that they look genuine. Calico is a really good example of that. Others are neglected sites and they show very little elements of what used to be there. Old Irontown is a prime example in this...

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