Wow! This restaurant should be the #1 rated restaurant in St. George Utah if you count tradition.  Not to discount Cafe Rio, but Pizza Factory has been a family tradition for over  20 years for families visiting the Southern Utah area.

Yes, there are other Pizza Factory restaurants, but the original on St. George Boulevard is always the best.  The original owner is still seen in the restaurant hauling in supplies and checking the freshness of the salad bar. That’s some real restaurant pride if you ask me!

The pizza is fantastic! They have the basics and also some fun and unique pizzas that are super delicious.  You have to try to chicken alfredo – it’s the best. Not to discredit the pizza, but the salad bar has always been my favorite.  There is nothing fancy – all your basic salad needs but it’s always fresh and clean. And don’t forget an order of bread twists. Hot bread sticks fresh out of the oven.  You have gotta try them with marinara and ranch dressing – so good!

They also mix the best beverages.  My favorite is diet coke with real cherry juice.  They also have the really good ice – you know the ice that looks like rabbit turds, it’s like eating a snow cone!


So next time you’re in St. George, make The Pizza Factory a tradition.  The kids will love the suckers after dinner – but only if they finish their meal.

Pizza Factory
2 W Saint George Blvd
St. George, UT 84770