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Tuacahn Theater


Tuacahn Theatre is an outdoor amphitheater built in the heart of southern Utah’s red sandstone cliffs. Tuacahn and its productions have been called Broadway in the Desert, due largely to the many productions of popular Broadway musicals. In the spring of 1995 the doors of this 23 million dollar facility opened to the roar of the crowds. In its inaugural season, the Tuacahn Amphitheater presented an original musical production called “Utah!” This play would run, in various forms, for the next four seasons. The musical Utah played to over 250,000 people from ever state and twenty-five countries. In 1999, it was decided that the theater should offer its patrons more variety. It was at this time that the “Summer Festival of Theatre” was born.

Tuacahn’s facilities were designed to accommodate large-scale productions and produce exciting visual effects. From manmade flash floods onstage to pyrotechnics and even 50 foot New York style skyscrapers, Tuacahn is sure to stun its visitors with superb visuals.

The Tuacahn theater season now runs from mid-spring to mid-fall, offering theatergoers a choice of three productions. Currently, the theater showcases only popular Broadway musicals, but plans to being débuting original productions within the next few seasons.

The theater has also begun offering a wonderful winter program called “Festival of Lights and Live Nativity.” This program runs from Thanksgiving through Christmas Eve and is free to the public.

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