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Girlfriend Getaways| Girls Weekend Getaway Vacation

From the mouth of Miley Cyrus,  I need a “GNO” aka, Girls Night Out. Who doesn’t! You know what’s even better than a ladies night out?  A “GWG” aka, Girls Weekend Getaway. Leave the housework, busy work schedule, and stressful “real-life” behind.  Get down to St. George with your  girl friends, and paint the town, well, red for Dixie’s red rocks. It’s not hard to imagine what you and your “besties”...

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St. George Extended Lodging: Hotels and Apartments

Are you looking for information on St. George lodging but for an extended time period?  There are several choices for apartment rental including furnished corporate housing.  Unless you are in need of daily maid service, a furnished condo is perfect for any short or long term stay. The furnished apartment rentals in Las Palmas Resort include a full kitchen, separate bedroom, separate living room (many with larger flat screen HD...

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Winter Weather in St. George Utah

The Winter Weather in St. George Utah St. George is located in the southwestern area of Utah, and is near the border of Utah and Arizona. The city is the county seat of the Washington County. The hub of the southern Utah is the seventh largest city in the state and is also one of the most populous cities in the country. The city is known for its rising population....

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St. George Utah Average Monthly Temperatures

The Average Monthly Weather in St. George Utah St. George is one of the most developed cities in the state of Utah. It is the principal city in the Washington County and is also the county seat of Washington. It is home to some of the country’s most beautiful parks. Location St. George is about 188 kilometers away of Las Vegas Nevada, in the northeast portion. It is also 488...

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St. George Utah Business Climate

St. George Area Business Environment St. George has been hailed several times as one of the best cities in the United States to live in. In fact, it is the second fastest growing metropolitan city all over the country. Aside from being naturally blessed with good weather, St. George has a good economy with lots of development going on all over the city. Those who have plans to migrate to...

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Facts About St. George Utah

St. George Utah Area Information The city of St. George in Utah is well endowed with low and mild humidity winters and has more than 300 sunny days in a year. It is for this reason why St. George Utah is listed as one of the best places to live in all over the United States and they are even on the list of Fortune 500’s Great Places to Retire...

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Dixie State University Community Education

Some Facts about the Dixie State University Community Education and Recreation The Dixie State University Community Education and Recreation is a program that provides a collaborative learning environment that was created by the combined entities of the Washington County School District, the Dixie State University, as well as the City of St. George, Utah. What is the Program All About? The program allows the students as well as the community...

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Downtown St. George Farmers Market

Downtown Farmers Market – The Best Way to Get Involved in the Community The Downtown Farmers Market that is situated within the Ancestor Square in St. George, Utah is a non-profit community project that was established for the purpose of promoting the historic section of the downtown area. It also aims to promote organic gardening of some homemade crafts and goods. The market is open daily, starting on May 11...

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New Tyrannosaurus Rex Found in Southern Utah

Dinosaurs Lived In St. George Area.  New Tyrannosaurus Rex Found in Southern Utah. Dinosaurs lived in St. George area. This is the exciting news that made headlines when a new Tyrannosaurus Rex found in Southern Utah: the Lythronax argestes (LY’-throw-nax ar-GES’-tees). And what’s even more exciting is that the new specie was found or deemed to be the ‘great uncle’ of the popularly known T-Rex. The Grand Staircase Escalante National...

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St. George Speech

How To Talk Like You’re From St. George, Utah When you to go St. George, Utah, you will likely meet some locals whose families have been in the region for a few generations.  Because the locals are quite friendly, it is easy to be tempted to sit down and chat with them. But sometimes, you will find yourself confused and unable to understand what they are saying. Because they have...

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