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Spring St. George, Utah Weather and Temperature Information

Lets welcome spring time to St. George, Utah with the lyrics of one of my favorite Beatles songs.  Go ahead and hum the classic tune while you read this post (or hit play on the embedded YouTube version at the bottom of the page). Don’t worry, St. George spring weather and temperature information is towards the bottom of the page.  We’ll get there – pinky promise. “Here comes the sun,...

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Movies That Include St. George, Utah as a Filming Location

Film makers have used St. George, Utah as the location of movies or scenes from movies over the years. There’s been all kinds of films too; everything from kids movies to porn. Yep, I knew that would get your attention.  Not quite porn, just a movie about people that used to be in the porn industry. I thought it would be fun and interesting to highlight the films where Utah’s...

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February St. George, Utah Weather and Temperature Information

Welcome February!  Well, it’s welcome if you’re waking up in St. George, UT where the sun is shining through your window when you get out of bed.  None of that winter inversion fog garbage our friends in northern Utah are dealing with right now. The mild Saint George Feb. weather allows for a game of golf.  So if you were here you could play 9 holes.  Heck, make it 18....

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Big Love TV Show| Juniper Creek Polygamist Compound Location

The fifth, and final, season of the HBO TV show “Big Love” kicked off on January 16, 2011.   Big Love is about a polygamist family with 3 wives and multiple children. No, it’s not Warren Jeffs but pretty dang close. If you haven’t seen it before, Big Love takes place in Utah.  The executive producers, who were also co-creators, are Will Scheffer and Mark Olsen.  Olsen and Scheffer spent over...

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127 Hours Movie Makes A Star Out of Southern Utah

The movie 127 Hours is already on the list of one of the “5 buzz-worthy films from the Toronto Film Festival.”  The movie has also received early talk of multiple Oscar nominations. Update:  127 Hours received 6 Oscar nominations including Best Picture & Best Actor.  Unfortunately, the movie didn’t win any awards.  The 127 Hours Movie DVD & Blu-ray are now available for purchase as of March 1, 2011. And...

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