Film makers have used St. George, Utah as the location of movies or scenes from movies over the years. There’s been all kinds of films too; everything from kids movies to porn.

Yep, I knew that would get your attention.  Not quite porn, just a movie about people that used to be in the porn industry.

I thought it would be fun and interesting to highlight the films where Utah’s Dixie makes an appearance.  How many of the movies have you seen?  If you’ve seen the movie and it wasn’t entirely shot in Southern Utah, can you recall which scenes take place in St. George, UT? For the movies that you haven’t seen that look interesting, it may be worth queuing them up on your Netflix list or getting them from Amazon.

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There’s a lot of films, so we’ll cover the movies after 1980 in this first blog post and do another post later.  We’ll list most recent films first.

Movies That Include St. George, Utah as a Filming Location (post 1980)

2011 – Ben Banks (not yet released)

Ben Banks is a lazy stoner but he looks to turn his life around with his enthusiasm for journalism. He shares an equal enthusiasm for Amy (Barton), a former porn star. On his journey for fulfillment he befriends a crazy mechanic and meets some truly villainous characters.

Director: Bryce Clark Actors: Mischa Barton, Melora Hardin, Katharine Towne

2010 –Exxxit: Life After Porn
Exxxit: Life After Porn, is a documentary that that not only examines the lives and careers of some of the biggest names in the history of the adult entertainment industry; but what happens to them after they leave the business and try and live the “normal” lives.

Director: Bryce Wagoner Actors: Mary Carey, Asia Carrera, Luke Ford

2008 – The Flyboys
Two boys from a small town find their courage tested when they accidentally stow away aboard an airplane owned by the mob.

Director: Rocco DeVilliers Actors: Jesse James, Reiley McClendon, Stephen Baldwin

2007 – High School Musical 2
During the summer vacations a talent show is organized in a local country club and Troy, Gabriella, Sharpay, Ryan, Chad and Taylor take part in it.

Director: Kenny Ortega Actors: Zac Efron, Vanessa Hudgens, Ashley Tisdale

2007 – Passage to Zarahemla
Two teens from L.A. make their way to Utah to hide with distant Mormon relatives from their troubled pasts. An earthquake opens up a time rift, drawing them and their pursuers into an ancient mesoamerican war.

Director: Chris Heimerdinger Actors: Summer Naomi Smart, Moronai Kanekoa, Brian Kary

2005 – Down and Derby
Down and Derby is a family comedy about a small town Pinewood Derby competition that transforms an average.

Director: Eric Hendershot Actors: Lauren Holly, Pat Morita, Greg Germann

2004 – Sons of Provo
Will, Kirby, and Danny are the hottest new sensation in Mormon pop music! Will is an aerobics instructor.

Director: Will Swenson Actors: Will Swenson, Kirby Heyborne, Danny Tarasevich

2003 – Clubhouse Detectives in Scavenger Hunt
When 4 friends attend a birthday party they find a stolen painting which sends them on chase to find out who the real burglars are and where the next hit will be. Will they be able to find the real burglars and solve the case? Find out!

Director: Eric Hendershot Actors: Jonathan Cronin, Brittany Armstrong, Michael Glauser

2002 – Clubhouse Detectives in Big Trouble
In need of cash to decorate their hut, young sleuths use a map to search for treasure.

Director: Eric Hendershot Actors: Jonathan Cronin, Brittany Armstrong, Michael Glauser

2001 – Horse Crazy
Three kids, who hope to capture their own wild mustang, outsmart a ring of horse thieves and return a prize stallion to its owner.

Director: Eric Hendershot Actors: Michael Glauser, Brittany Armstrong, Jonathan Cronin

2001 – Tiffany
“Tiffany” tells the touching story of Tiffany Fackrell a young woman who around the age of 12 was confined to a wheel chair.

Director: Matthew Fackrell

1998 – Wind River
The 1854 Wyoming historical drama is based on Tom Shell’s adaptation of the true life memoirs of Pony Express rider Nick Wilson.

Director: Tom Shell Actors: Blake Heron, A Martinez, Russell Means

1998 – Last Resort
Nine young men and women, deemed unmanageable by both anguished parents and a society grown weary of drug users.

Director: Lyman Dayton Actors: Dave Buzzotta, Stephanie Dicker, Justin Walker

1997 – Truth or Consequences, N.M.
A drug deal goes wrong causing a foursome, led by a lunatic killer, to go on the run. A couple in a recreational vehicle are initially kidnapped.

Director: Kiefer Sutherland Actors: Kiefer Sutherland, Kim Dickens, Vincent Gallo

1988 – On Our Own
Four children set out on their own after their mother’s death to avoid being separated by foster care.

Director: F.T. Pavlov Actors: Leigh Lombardi, Sam Hennings, Scott Warner

1984 – Romancing the Stone (PG)
A romance writer sets off to Colombia to ransom her kidnapped sister, and soon finds herself in the middle of a dangerous adventure.

Director: Robert Zemeckis Actors: Michael Douglas, Kathleen Turner, Danny DeVito

1984 – Solo
A woman named Liz Brantley takes a three-legged solo flight and then her plane crashes.

Director: Lyman Dayton Actors: Randy Hamilton, Sandra Kerns, Alyssa Auer

1981 – Harry’s War
After his aunt dies of a heart attack while fighting the IRS, Harry Johnson decides to take up the cause.

Director: Kieth Merrill Actors: Edward Herrmann, Geraldine Page, Karen Grassle

Special thanks for the internet movie database, which I searched to find the mentioned films.

Movies That Include St. George, Utah as a Filming Location