Welcome February!  Well, it’s welcome if you’re waking up in St. George, UT where the sun is shining through your window when you get out of bed.  None of that winter inversion fog garbage our friends in northern Utah are dealing with right now.

The mild Saint George Feb. weather allows for a game of golf.  So if you were here you could play 9 holes.  Heck, make it 18. Or if you’d rather, put on your hiking shoes and a jacket and get out for a hike.  February in St. George isn’t quite sit-by-the-pool-for-a-tan weather quite yet, but we’re getting there.  How about a nice dip in the hot tub instead?

Are you dealing with a long winter depression and need some sun and vitamin D?  What are you waiting for?  Book lodging in St. George today!

February St. George, Utah Weather and Temperature Information

Feb. Average high temperature: 60.5 degrees Fahrenheit; 15.8 degrees Celsius

Feb. Median low temperature: 31.7 F; -0.2 C

Feb. Average rain: 0.97 inches; 2.5 cm

Feb. Average snow: 0.6 inches; 1.5 cm

No wonder the “snowbirds” from northern Utah start to flock down to Saint George, UT during February.  The average high temperature in SLC during Feb. is only 37 degrees F, a full 23 degree lower than St. George’s mild to warm average temperature in Feb. during the day.  That’s a big difference.  The difference is even larger when compared to Logan, Utah, which has a freezing cold average temperature in the low thirties.

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