October St. George, Utah Weather and Temperature Information

During the month of October, the last month of the year without rain, you will be able to enjoy the weather and do fun activities that you won’t be able to do once the rain downpour starts (what little rain occurs in the desert). Take advantage of this opportunity and go to various tourist destinations and activity areas to do all of the stuff that you can do during mid-autumn.

Because of the milder climate in St. George, you will be able to enjoy mid-autumn. There are no rains or extreme temperatures, which is great for people who want to enjoy the rest of the month.

October Temperature in St. George, Utah

  • Average high temperature: 80.6 degrees Fahrenheit; 27 degrees Celsius
  • Median low temperature: 44.9 F; 7.1 C
  • Average rain: 0.62 inches; 1.57 cm
  • Average snow: 0.0 inches; 0.0 cm

Getting the Most Out of Your Stay in St. George, Utah

  • A Taste of Dixie

You can enjoy a two-day festival during the month of October that features artists, businesses, and foods. Enjoy tasting mouthwatering dishes while being entertained by various local artists and knowing more about business and commerce.

There are also play areas where kids can enjoy so you won’t have to worry about pleasing a bored child during the festivities. This festival is truly ideal for kids of all ages.

  • Senior Sports Competition

Aside from enjoyable festivities, you can also enjoy watching sports competitions that are being held for senior citizens. The competition helps promote peace and friendship, which are natural traits of people from St. George, Utah.

Are you a runner? St. George also hosts the famous St. George Marathon and a couple other races during the month of October.