It’s about that time that you’re starting to plan your summer vacation, am I right? And you’re thinking what are we going to do this year?


The Washington Aquatic Center is a ton of fun! Kids love it…and, umh, so do I!  This is the newest and coolest pool in St. George, Utah.  Washington is the city connected to St. George just to the north and it’s close to the condos at Las Palmas.

The aquatic center has a huge bucket that fills up with water and suddenly dumps it out on kids. For this big kid that’s all fun but for some smaller kids (or real kids) it could knock them off their feet.

They even have some really cool slides and little kids are allowed to go down head-first – my little 2 year old niece loved it.

Las Palmas condo complex has some great pools that are right outside the rentals, but this pool adds one more place that could be fun to enjoy for one day.

Did I mention it has a lazy river?

It’s pretty affordable at about  $4 – $6/person and is well worth the money.

Washington City Community Center
Aquatic Center
350 N Community Center Drive
Washington, UT 84780-2776