People often ask us what are the must do’s in St George? What are the bucket list items that everyone who comes here has to do at least one or two of?

Image Credit: – Tuacahn

5. Tuacahn

Tuacahn offers premier shows, bringing actors and sets in from all over the country. The setting that’s offered at Tuacahn is one of the most stunning in all of Utah, possibly west of the Mississippi. When you’re sitting down there watching a show when the suns going down and those red rocks start popping, you’ll realize there isn’t any other place you want to be.

The shows they’re offering this season are Beauty and the Beast, When You Wish, and Sister Act. So if you’re coming to stay and looking to take in a show, then make certain you check out Tuacahn.

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4. Sand Hollow and Quail Creek Reservoirs

Both Sand Hollow and Quail Creek offer some of the best lakes in the state. Sand Hollow is particularly popular with it’s accompanying sand dunes that allow you to have people on the boat, and then 20 minutes later riding your quad up and around some of the  sand dunes that overlook Warner Valley. When you get to the top of it the views are quite stunning looking south.

3. Golfing

What would a list about the best things in St George be without highlighting the incredible golfing we have here. You’ll be able to golf in some of the prettiest settings you can find anywhere. The courses are immaculate and challenging, all while offering world class amenities.

So if you’re looking to soak in the sun next to some water, then both Sand Hollow and Quail Creek are a must see in St George.

2. Snow Canyon State Park

One of the oft overlooked parks is one just north west of St George called Snow Canyon. This one is more of a local hideout that offers some fantastic hiking, limited camping, and some amazing views. There is so much to see and do in Snow Canyon all depending on your commitment level. If you’re really after a good hike then look up the Red Mountain Trail, but it isn’t just a little one.

But if you’re just after something to do and see for a few hours then just take a drive up through it, and maybe have a little picnic while you’re there. You won’t be disappointed in the least bit.

1. Zion National Park

It kind of goes without saying that the number one thing in St George to do is to visit Zion National Park. There’s a reason why millions each, and every year make the trek to see it. The canyon walls, and thundering waterfalls are some of the more dramatic and picturesque things you could ever ask for. From Angels Landing, to the Narrows, to even Emerald Pools, you just can’t go wrong going to Zion.