December St. George, Utah Weather and Temperature Information December is one of the coldest months in St. George, Utah, but don’t you fret! You will still be able to enjoy fun activities during this month. Because the city is naturally blessed with mild winter, residents and tourists can still enjoy entertaining activities even in the middle of winter. This month is very exciting because of the important occasion that everyone in St. George celebrates – Christmas. If you are fond of taking pleasure in merriments during the yuletide season, you have to pay this city a visit and join the festivities that are being held during midwinter. December Temperature in St. George, Utah

  • Average high temperature: 54.3 degrees Fahrenheit; 12.38 degrees Celsius
  • Median low temperature: 27.3 F; -2.61 C
  • Average rain: .83 inches; 2.10 cm
  • Average snow: 0.7 inches; 1.17 cm

Enjoy Fun Activities during Winter

  • Dixie Rotary Bowl

Every December, residents and tourists can enjoy participating or watching the Dixie Rotary Bowl. The event also features golf tournaments, parade and concert or banquet. People will surely enjoy this festive merriment while waiting for Christmas.

  • First Night Celebration

Festivities that include live entertainment, fireworks, and food booths are being held at the Main Street of St. George, Utah – the First Night Celebration. The family oriented merriment is held every New Year’s Eve. It is arranged by many organizations and businesses that want to bring joy to families and individuals every last day of December. Everyone is welcome to participate and have fun during this great celebration of New Year’s Eve.