It today’s world, vacationing is looked at as a pocket emptier and a stress filled “adventure”. Which is quite sad because vacationing can actually be very beneficial to you and your mental and physical health! Here are some things that you can benefit from taking a good vacation!


Photo Credit: easyandme on flickr

Better Physical Health


Stress can take a huge toll on your body, especially stress from work and daily obligations. This stress can cause longterm effects like heart attacks, heart failure and a weaker immune system (No wonder you’re always sick). So getting out of town and taking a vacation, even for a weekend can help relax your body from the stress. A study conducted by The New York Times revealed that taking a vacation every two years can lessen the chances of heart disease.

Better Mental Health


Stress caused by work and daily responsibilities can actually create unnecessary and unwanted anxiety, depression and fatigue. Vacationing gives you the chance to clear your mind of these stresses and give yourself a much needed mental break. Some studies actually reveal that people who come back from vacation tend to be more productive at work and more efficient than before they left.



Traveling requires you to step out of your comfort zion and into unknown territory. This almost forces a person to learn more about themselves, the people their with, other societies and so much more. There is so much personal growth that can come from getting out of where you are from and exploring the world around you.

Closer Relationships


Vacationing with family and friends can actually bring you closer to them. It gives you all a chance to bond, uninterrupted by everyday life. Traveling with loved ones gives you memories that you will cherish for the rest of your life.



Above anything else. Vacationing is extremely fun. It gets you out of the norm and allows you to enjoy in all the fun and exciting new places, people and adventures. Vacations are meant to be someones chance to get out and explore the world around them, make new friends, learn about other cultures and just enjoy every moment they have.


So whatever excuse you have that has been holding you back from getting out and enjoying life, throw it out! Take a vacation and have some fun with your loved ones! We are certain you will not regret it or the irreplaceable memories that you will make.