When it comes to vacationing for longer periods of time, you want to be as comfortable as possible, right? No crowded tiny rooms, especially when it is a family vacation. Here are the top 4 reasons why staying in a vacation rental is a better choice than staying in a hotel room.

Starmark Luxury Vacation Homes
Photo Credit: Justice Mitchell on flickr

1. Privacy

When it comes to hotel rooms, you have to deal with being stuck in a tiny room and more often than not you will hear plenty of noise from all of your neighbors. Not only do you have to deal with noisy neighbors, but your room will be small and cramped in most cases. With vacation rentals you have an entire residential home or condo completely to yourself, meaning much more privacy and no noisy neighbors.

2. Comfortability

Hotels are not made for longterm stays, they are made for quick over-nighters or at times weekend stays. Vacation rentals are made to be homes away from home, meaning they are made to keep you more comfortable for longer. They are decorated, set up and ARE a home. Comfortability is vacation rentals biggest goal. This is especially nice for family vacations so that you and your entire family is not cramped into a tiny room.

3. Kid Friendly

Hotel rooms as said before are very cramped and confined, making it difficult to keep kids entertained or even comfortable. Vacation rentals are much more spacious with living rooms, kitchens, extra bedrooms and bathrooms, and at times even backyards. Giving your little ones plenty of room to play and stay entertained during the vacation downtime.

4. Cheaper

Considering that vacation homes can sleep up to 8 or more people at times, have kitchens and plenty more space and entertainment, in the long run you actually save money from choosing a vacation rental than choosing a hotel room. Hotel rooms at most in general can sleep maybe up to 4, making it so that if you have more than 4 members in the family then you will need to purchase an extra room or two! Also, with the fact that vacation rentals have kitchens you can save on dining out by making your own meals at “home”. Vacation rentals also have a lot more room with more TV’s, DVD players, sometimes hottubs and pools, and other means of entertainment, making it so that you can spend less money on going out to find things to do!

All in all we think that it would be in everyone best interest to choose a vacation home over a hotel for longer stays!