Let’s face it… Everyone gets a little bummed out after leaving back home from an amazing vacation. Especially one to St. George, after being in the warm sunshine for several days and experiencing some of the most stunning landscapes that Utah has to offer, going back home can really drag you down. So what do you do to get back up from there? Here are a few tips to help you avoid post vacation depression.
Photo Credit: Rasheed Bydousi on flickr

Clean Your House

Sounds weird. Makes sense though. Getting back home and cleaning it and getting it organized can help you to reconnect with your surroundings and help to get your mind clear from the trip. Your own house can feel odd and uncomfortable especially after a vacation, so get readjusted and comfortable again. Cleaning will also help you to find a place for all your new things that you brought home from your vacation.

Get Active

Visiting St. George can make some feel as if they are not in as great of shape as they once were. St. George is an active community. Plenty of biking, running, hiking, climbing and swimming sports people live here, and most come to visit here for the outdoor experience. When you get back home, stay active, it will help you to feel better and more healthy. Exercise also produces endorphins.

Manage Your Anxiety

Coming back from a vacation can cause some to get restless, and its hard to unwind and relax after a fun trip. You’ve got to get back to work, school and normal life. Meaning responsibilities again. So manage the best you can. The restlessness usually wears off after 3-6 weeks post vacation. To help, take small day trips near you to get out of regular routine and help ease the anxiety of ending your awesome vacation.

Get A Hobby

Going on vacation and experiencing all of the new and exciting things that you did may have sparked new interests in you. USE THEM. Take those interests and turn them to hobbies and keep doing them. This will help you to stay close to that trip you loved so much as well as keep you busy so you don’t have time to be sad about the vacation ending.

Social Media

Try to save some photos, videos and etc from your trip to share when you return home. A lot of people will get home and suddenly their posts stop and they have nothing to share. Keep sharing those memories, it will help you to relive them as well as give you more opportunity to talk about your trip! Everyone likes a good Flashback Friday or Throwback Thursday!