The number of options that you have for a vacation are endless. Therefore, you can become easily overwhelmed by the multitude of things that you could do on your trip. Instead of developing a migraine trying to fit 100 activities into a 24-hour day, you can take an easier trip planning route. Try going down this list of what not to do on vacation, and then you can figure out what you should be doing. Success on your St. George, Utah trip depends on your ability to use every second wisely.

Don’t Get Lost in Technology

You have all the time in the world to do you schoolwork, work tasks and buddy chats. Your vacation is the time that you need to spend with your family and bond. If you’re going to bring your work and your Facebook buddies with you, then the vacation is not going to go very well. Try to put the technology away until after your vacation is over. You can save many hours by doing so.

Don’t Rent a Cheap Motel

Cheap motels are always available your come from. Invest the extra money in a hotel that has a heap of accommodations for you. Many vacationers come back from their trip with awesome reviews of their hotels because they had so much fun there. You could enjoy amenities like indoor pools, restaurant foods, room service, fitness centers, live music and more. Always get an awesome hotel.

Photo credit: Gianluca Micheletti on flickr

Don’t Do Things You Don’t Want to Do

If you don’t like sports or arts, it doesn’t make sense to visit the art gallery or pay money to see two football teams play. Only engage in activities that all of you agree should occur. Otherwise, someone is going to be unhappy, and that’s not what you want from your vacation.

Don’t Forget to Visit the National Parks

Don’t leave St. George without visiting one of its amazing national parks. You can choose from parks such as Arches National Park, Zion NP, Bryce Canyon, Capitol Reef and more. Not only can you get some good exercise walking around at the sites, but also you can get some unbelievably good pictures that you can share with your friends and coworkers when you get back.

Along with the national parks, you can take your family to explore the restaurants and cultural events. Planning ahead and deciding what not to do first is a clean way of coming up with the correct “to do” list.