Most people who visit St. George during the winter are usually coming for the warmer weather and to escape the snow for a while. St. George is known for its year round amazing weather, about 300 days per year that a considered “sunny”. Although this is true, what people forget is that it is a desert, and deserts can get pretty darn cold at night. So to help you out with your St. George winter vacation preparation here are some tips:


Southwest Winter Storm
Photo Credit: Gunther Hagleitner on flickr

1. Bring A Variety Of Warm And Cool Clothes

St. George is one of those places where during the day it can get pretty warm even during the winter seasons, especially early winter (Nov. – early Dec.). You will probably notice locals wearing sweaters and warmer clothes, but that is because we are so used to warmth that this time of year is chilly to us. However, to someone who is not from here and is used to colder weather, you would probably want to dress a little cooler, otherwise you might find yourself feeling hot.

2. Prepare To Go Hiking

Yes that’s right, hiking. During this time of year the weather is perfect for hiking. Not too cold and not too hot, just right. Trust us when we say, you’re going to want to get out and explore when you get here. There is nothing quite as beautiful as St. George’s red cliffs that surround our little town. Don’t forget that there are amazing places nearby as well, such as Snow Canyon State Park and Zion National Park that you can go visit as well while you are here.

4. Leave The Snow Gear At Home

The average snowfall here is about 3.2 inches per year. So don’t expect to show up and need a heavy coat or boots or any of that nonsense. We consider it a snow day when the snow actually manages to stick, which is pretty rare here. However, if you are wanting to enjoy some snowboarding or skiing, Brianhead Resort is short drive away!


Soak up the good sunny winter days here and have fun! We know that it can come as a shock to some, but there is so much you can do here during the winter, such as golfing, hiking, sometimes even swimming! So enjoy it and make some good memories! St. George is an amazing vacation spot during the colder seasons to escape the snow and “icky” weather!