There are so many hidden gems here in St. George, and nearby. From hidden parks, hikes, restaurants and so much more. St. George is full of surprises, which is what keeps our visitors coming back!

If you’re a local then you already know about Veyo Pies surely! Nestled in the small town of Veyo lies a quaint little bakery with some of the most delicious and even savory pies you will ever eat! Ask almost any local and they will tell you to get your pies from Veyo. They have more flavors than you can think of, they’re beyond mouth watering and the employees and owners are so sweet and friendly. There really is no other place quite like Veyo Pies.

Veyo Pies has been going strong for 29 years, and was once located across the street in the Veyo Merc. However, the pies became so popular and hard to manage that it was relocated to its own shop just across the street! The original owners trained the next and so one keeping the pies recipes the same and a strong tradition going!

Veyo Pies
Photo Credit: Hailen Jackson on flickr

They offer a plethora of flavors including; Coconut creme, Mountain berry, Raspberry rhubarb, Key lime and so much more, literally so many pie flavors! Each and every pie just as delicious and mouthwatering as the next! In 2008 Salt Lake Magazine named them the “Best Pies In Utah”. Which did not come as a surprise to us locals! To many of us, they might just be the best pies in the WORLD!

Many people go out of their way to drive up to Veyo just for those tasty pies. Which isn’t terribly bad considering how scenic the drive from St. George to Veyo is!Only a 17 mile trip from sunny St. George, passing by Snow Canyon State Park, driving through the cute and cozy towns of Diamond and Dameron Valley and through some of the more beautiful desert landscapes.

Oh but it gets better… Veyo is not just a tiny little hidden town with the best pies ever! Many people visit Veyo for the hot springs, creek and public pool! Enjoy crawdad fishing in the creek, swimming in a pool surrounded by a black lava hill and shady trees and is fed by the natural hot spring, tumbling down into the pool at a toasty 87 degrees!

Even the surrounding small towns near St. George have so much to offer and are definitely worth visiting and exploring!