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Kayenta Community and Kayenta Art Village

Basic Info About Kayenta and Kayenta Art Village Tourist Attractions Both Kayenta and the Kayenta art village are special because they offer so much for tourists that decide to visit. At first glance, you might be tempted to believe that nothing is attractive because of the fact that the location is not actually included in many travel packages offered by the big agencies. However, this does not mean that Kayenta...

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Bachelorette Party Plans in St. George, Utah

Spring is coming soon and you know what that means – it’s the start of wedding season and you’re trying to plan your best friends Bachelorette Party. You’re visiting St. George Vacation Rentals blog, so most likely you’ve already decided a boring bachelorette party in your living room just won’t cut it.  Smart.  Your normal weekend hangouts just aren’t special enough either, and you know that. So, it’s time for...

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St. George Named a Best Small City Business Location

Technology has changed rapidly the last few years.  A lot of small business owners can live anywhere they want to, and still run their company efficiently. If you don’t own a “brick and mortar” business, internet and technology advances have made it possible to live where ever you want.  Some people equate the change to the railroads being built in the 1800’s. Company owners no longer have to live and...

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Las Palmas Condos-Building and Amenities Layout

This is a map that will help you find your way around your St. George Vacation Rentals condo inside the Las Palmas condo complex.  Las Palmas is located adjacent to the Green Valley Spa and Resort. The Las Palmas condo resort amenities include an outdoor pool located behind buildings number 12, 9, and 10.  This pool is commonly known as the waterfall pool as it has a small waterfall that...

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St. George and Las Palmas – The Perfect Family Reunion

It’s about that time of year. You’ve recovered from this years reunion with the family and you’re ready to start planning where to go next year. What a daunting task! You want to go somewhere where the kids can be happy and play and the adults can relax and catch up, but you want it to be affordable. You need it to be affordable. I know, I read your mind...

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I’d Rather Be At St. George Vacation Rentals!

And who wouldn’t?! Check out this picture we received via email. Awesome. We’re so flattered. We have fans!! As fun and exciting as the city life is, there is something about visiting a place like St. George to relax and take the edge off. Wether it’s golfing, hiking, hanging out by the pool, or going to the spa for a relaxing massage, St. George is the place to be. You...

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Grafton Ghost Town

Should You Visit the Grafton Ghost Town? When thinking about the ghost towns that are located in Southwest USA, there are usually two types that stand out. Some are really commercial and restored so that they look genuine. Calico is a really good example of that. Others are neglected sites and they show very little elements of what used to be there. Old Irontown is a prime example in this...

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Girlfriend Getaways| Girls Weekend Getaway Vacation

From the mouth of Miley Cyrus,  I need a “GNO” aka, Girls Night Out. Who doesn’t! You know what’s even better than a ladies night out?  A “GWG” aka, Girls Weekend Getaway. Leave the housework, busy work schedule, and stressful “real-life” behind.  Get down to St. George with your  girl friends, and paint the town, well, red for Dixie’s red rocks. It’s not hard to imagine what you and your “besties”...

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St. George Extended Lodging: Hotels and Apartments

Are you looking for information on St. George lodging but for an extended time period?  There are several choices for apartment rental including furnished corporate housing.  Unless you are in need of daily maid service, a furnished condo is perfect for any short or long term stay. The furnished apartment rentals in Las Palmas Resort include a full kitchen, separate bedroom, separate living room (many with larger flat screen HD...

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Best Place to View the Solar Eclipse? Astro-Tourists Say Southern Utah

Look up.  It’s a bird, a plane … a solar eclipse? On Sunday May 20th, 2012  in the hours right before sunset, the first solar eclipse visible in America in nearly two decades will occur.  The spectacle is called an annular eclipse, or an eclipse in which all but the outermost rim of the sun is blocked by the moon, leaving a “bull’s eye” ring of sunlight.  Even though it...

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