Zion National Park | Kolob Canyons – A Residence Close to Heaven

The Kolob Canyon area of the Zion national park in Utah is among the most visited attractions in the country. The great thing about the park is that it is conveniently located so it is not that hard to access, unlike other national parks in the country.

The Zion National Park | Kolob Canyons is located just off the Interstate 15. It features spectacular canyons of the Zion and provides a soaring view of the cliffs of the Red Navajo sandstones as well as the deep pocket canyons that are just waiting to be explored.

Unique Geological History

The Kolob Canyons might be the lesser known area of the Zion National Park but this does not mean that it is not as stunning as the main canyons of the Zion proper. The Kolob is home to a unique geological history as well as the most diverse animal and plant life.

The scenes are incredibly stunning and they give visitors a peaceful and serene view that cannot be compared to other national parks in the southwest. The term “Kolob” is actually from a Mormon scripture that means “residence that is close to heaven”. So if you want to be this close to heaven, you better check the attraction yourself.

Spectacular Views of Kolob Canyon

The Kolob Canyon is a lovely place to visit all throughout the year. During winter, the red Navajo sandstone will glimmer beautifully along with some fresh dusting of snow. During spring, witness the gorgeous waterfalls cascading through the rugged cliffs and then streaking them black upon reaching the run off.

Take pleasure in the beautiful views of wildflowers that are in full bloom and in abundance during the summer season. When autumn approaches, those yellow golden leaves in the valley will offer an interesting view to the vast scenery.

Hiking at the Timber Creek Trail

The trailhead of the Timber Creek can be reached approximately two miles away from the Visitor Center right along the Kolob Canyons Road. The distance is approximately one mile, back and forth. It is best to plan about a half hour before the trek. The trail will follow the ridge top of a smaller peak. Hiking on the creek trail will give you a chance to enjoy the magnificent views of the Prince Valley Mountains, the Kolob Terrace as well as the Timber Creek.

Scenic Drive

Visitors to the Zion National Park | Kolob Canyons can access the canyons through a scenic byway that is on the I-15 exit number 40. Make sure to stop at the Visitor Center for more information regarding the park.

On the way, you will find interpretative signs and pullouts that will serve as markings of the some points of interest. Stop on each one in order to fully enjoy your visit. As you go up the canyon, you will be able to encounter major fault lines that will give rise to the beautiful plateau on which the Zion was hailed from.