St. George Utah is home to one of the more scenic desert golf destinations in the country. But better than that, the value is incredible.  Off season rates of $40 with cart and some even throw in lunch.  Much better than those expensive locations like: Las Vegas, Palm Springs, and Scottsdale, Arizona.

Sand Hollow and Coral Canyon, both struggling with the downturn in the real estate market hope to one day become private.  Sand Hollow has recently changed ownership.

The Ledges is very open and only  costs $40, with range balls and a GPS golf carts.

In the St. George area, Washington and Hurricane, includes a dozen courses with challenging designs that are all very well groomed.  All have great desert landscapes and great views of the St. George scenery.

St. George is also close to Mesquite, Neveda.  Just 30 minutes away.  Which has quite a few other quality courses. You can even throw in some gambling afterward, maybe you’ll get luckier than you did out on the course with your buddies!