St. George is visited for one of two reasons, retreat or adventure. If you’re coming to St. George to getaway and relax then you have made the right choice! There are many high end spas here that cater to their guests with only the best services. Here are a few of our favorite spas to visit when in St. George.

Spa Accents

Photo Credit: Karl Cossio on flickr

Elite Float Spa

This is a small, family owned day spa here in St. George that offers probably one of the coolest and most interesting services we’ve heard of. Float Therapy. That’s right. If the name isn’t enough to peak your interest, wait until you hear what it’s all about. Imagine a warm sanctuary free from distractions and stimulations that can cause you high stress. Float Therapy is where you float in an enclosed pod filled with water 10 inches deep, 1200 pounds of epsom salt. The water is set to the temperature of your skin so that it literally feels as if you are just floating there. Your body and the water are one with each other. Add lighting, or music of your choice or choose silence. This is the ultimate relaxation service.

Amara Med Spa

From basic aesthetics to cosmetic surgery, this spa has it all! Facials, laser, injections, etc. This is a wonderful spa filled with knowledgeable professional staff that aim to perfect the med spa industry. Be pampered as well as educated about different ways to take care of you body and skin. They offer some of the best anti-aging treatments in St. George. By far one of the more favored spas here.

St. George Day Spa

Hey hubbys and boyfriends, no need to stay at the hotel while your lady gets a mani pedi, join her! St. George Day Spa offers a plethora of services, including specialized men’s services! Enjoy a facial, sports MANi-Pedi and get rid of that pesky chest and back hair with a swift wax. St. George Day Spa is one of the best couples spas here in St. George.

Green Valley Spa

One of the more high end spas, Green Valley Spa offers an array of treatments and services that are absolutely amazing! They have made it their mission to provide the absolute best spa experience possible. Their award winning team of therapists are bar none, with their soft touch and genuine concern for their guests! Enjoy facials, anti aging treatments and more while visiting this spa!