When spring has sprung, and summer begins to rear its head, things really start to pick up in St George. The amount of festivals, activities, and events that go on are fantastic, and numerous. Be it the spring baseball tournaments, to the ATV events, to the marathons, and running activities that go on. There really is so much to do when you come to St George.

One exciting such events is going on this Friday and Saturday at Vernon Worthen park, and it’s the Southern Utah Culinary Festival; where you can go around and taste food from a huge amount of vendors in the area, vendors trying to showcase their culinary delights.

The cost is between $1 – 2 per vendor to try their food, so come hungry and have a little spare cash so you can make certain to try something you’ve never tried before. They’ve made the event bigger this year by adding live music, some classic cars, eating challenges, and a free Kids Zone area for the kids to enjoy. It really is a good event so make a point to visit the Southern Utah Culinary Festival this weekend in St George.

There’s another event going on Friday, and Saturday out to Sand Hollow State Park and that’s the Triple Threat Race Series Paddlefest. Here you can make your statement on a SUP (stand up paddleboard), canoe, or kayak. There will be races, relay sprints, board demos and much more.

You can bring your own boards or kayaks, or rent them when you get there as well. It really will be a great time and kids get in and race for free as well! Sand Hollow is one of 3 state parks where this event is held, and is the first park to hold it this year. Included with your entry is a free meal on the 24th, free subscription to a magazine, and entry’s into the door prizes.

Paddle boarding is one of the hottest up and coming sports that’s taking hold in southern Utah. It used to just be an ocean sport, but more and more people have come to see how fun and relaxing sitting on a board out in the middle of a Utah lake really is. And the work out that goes along with it doesn’t hurt either!

So there you have it, a couple of great things going on this weekend that you would be reminisced to miss, especially if you like SUPing and eating!