Snow Canyon is located just outside of St. George Utah. The canyon itself is surrounded on both sides by the Red Mountains and the White Hills. Inside of the canyon you will find a variety of wildlife and flora. Among the different types of wildlife are 3 endangered species: the Gila Monster, Peregrine Falcon and the Desert Tortoise.

There are many  trails that wind throughout the park. Lava flows and caves, red sandstone cliffs, large sand dunes, and Indian petroglyphs are just a few of the amazing things you will see as you hike through the park.

The day-use fee is $6. A friendly park ranger will greet you at one of the two entrances to the park. The Johnson Canyon trail (to a large arch) below the toll gate at the south entrance to the park may be accessed without payment of fees, but it is closed to hikers most of the year, to protect nesting bird populations.