Some Facts about the St. George City Park

The St. George City Park, which is the Cottonwood Cove Park, is a seven acre community park that is situated next to the Santa Clara River. The park was established and was dedicated during the summer of 2008, although planning for the park started around the mid 1990s.

This park is very close to the Las Palmas condos.  It’s located just at Canyon View Drive and Dixie Drive right before you drive up the steep hill to get to the Las Palmas condos.  This is a great convenient place to play volleyball, let the kids run around, and have a big family gathering.

A portion of the planned park project was the BLM property, wherein the city has collaborated with BLM in order to obtain such portion of the land. The Cottonwood Cove Park features plaques that depict the events that took place during the 2005 flood incident. Most of those home properties that were washed out due to the flood were situated right in front of the river that is from the park.


The park is known for its unique playground equipment. It is truly interesting since the user will have to think first on how to use it.

The biggest playground piece is connected to the climbing wall through a rope bridge. This makes it one of the most interesting pieces in the park. It else comes with so many different routes which make it even more challenging and interesting.

Other amenities on the park are the two shade pavilions equipped with picnic tables and barbeques, a sand volleyball court, open grass areas, horseshoe pits, lush landscape, benches that swing and overlook toward the kid’s playground, a loop trail and restroom facilities. The regional trail of the Santa Clara River also runs through this St. George City Park.


The Cottonwood Cove Park is fully equipped with all the amenities that one will usually find in any city park. Among these amenities and facilities are:

  • Barbeque
  • Climbing wall
  • Drinking Fountains
  • Electric Outlets
  • Covered Pavilion
  • Parking Spaces
  • Picnic Tables
  • Playground
  • Restroom
  • Volleyball
  • Walking Path

Park Information

Residents of St. George Utah as well as their visitors can make use of the parks all over St. George. The city has diverse neighborhood parks, including community parks, sports facilities and other equipment that are capable of providing a wide range of activities.

The planning and design, as well as the overall construction of the park including the recreational facilities, are generally overseen by the Park Planning Division of St. George. Furthermore, the overall maintenance of the parks, including the landscape right of ways as well as the city building grounds, is the responsibility of the Park Maintenance Division as well. Those who have concerns regarding the use of the park can send them an email at

It should be noted that the park will close at night except if a Facility Reservation Permit or if a Special Event Permit is issued allowing users to make use of the park even at night. Some of the sport courts come with lights so they can possibly be used even after dark. It is best to contact the Park Maintenance Division as early as possible for reservations, especially for those who intend to use the park and other facilities until night time.