Play ball! It may by chilly in Northern Utah but here in Southern Utah and Mesquite, Nevada we are gearing to play some baseball. St. George loves baseball tournaments.  In fact, a lot of Northern Utah baseball teams consider their annual trip to St. George their equivalent of spring training.

The baseball tournaments kick off in March.  The Rocky Mountain School of Baseball hosts a large tournament  March 13 – 15 called March Madness.  The tournament has several teams from ages 8 -1 8.

Many consider The MountainWest Baseball Academy to be the single best place to learn baseball in the state of Utah.  The academy features renowned instructors like former professional scout Kent Norris and former professional baseball player Shawn ‘Murph’ Norris.  The academy hosts and plays in a tournament in Mesquite, Nevada over Presidents Day weekend with over 600 participants. Dixie High School also has an annual spring tournament called the Dixie Sunshine classic, which brings several Utah high school teams down to Saint George to play.  The Little Caesars 2014 baseball tournament kicks off March 14th.

Families that come to St. George to support their teams and enjoy the warm weather have a great time.  Teams typically stay in large condo complexes with their families.  Condos  accommodate up to 12 people, have full kitchens, and several pools.  Several families and players will be staying with St. George Vacation Rentals again this year. If you haven’t booked your place to stay yet, check to see if we have any condos left.  Our condos can go fast this time of year, so grab one if it’s available.  If not, plan ahead next year and make sure you stay at the most popular lodging for people associated with St. George baseball tournaments:  St. George Vacation Rentals.