The FTC is going after fraudsters scamming time share owners hoping to sell their time shares because of the high annual fees.  Apparently some people are fed up with time share maintenance costs and are trying to give away time shares that they originally spent thousands for.  This includes even timeshares in St. George Utah like Worldmark, ORE, and RCI.

Time share owners “need to beware of crooks trying to pretend they have a buyer without providing them anything in return,” an FTC employee was quoted saying recently in a USA Today article.

As you probably already know, Las Palmas Condos at Green Valley in St. George, Utah are not a time share.

Individual property owners own each unit.  The Las Palmas Homeowners Association, which prides itself on their track record of keeping homeowner dues modest, maintains the buildings and surrounding grounds.

Condo owners may choose to rent their units via StGeorgeVacationRentals if they’d like to make money with their condo when they’re not using it.  This gives people the opportunity to stay and enjoy Las Palmas without having to own a condo.

It’s a much better model than time shares in our opinion.

Owners actually own their condos and have rights other property owners enjoy.  Las Palmas condo owners also get the added benefit of being one of the only developments allowed to rent on a nightly basis, which allows them to make a return on their investment.

People that either don’t have the means to buy a condo, or just want the flexibility to rent when they want to come to St. George, can do so without being saddled with the annual charges of a time share arrangement.

An attorney who represents time share owners was quoted in the same USA Today article saying, “I’m surprised there are still as many time share sales as there are.”

A financial planner called her time share purchase, “the worst financial decision she’s ever made” in another USA Today article on time shares.

It’s obviously your decision, but if you’re considering a St. George time share purchase, why not take a look at Green Valley condos for sale instead?  Prices have come down a lot in recent years.  Or, you can avoid buying all together and just rent through us.  See the link to the right.

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