Lots of people come to St George and southern Utah to go compete in triathlon’s, so here are some tips on how to be more successful during your next St George triathlon.

Swimming in open-water can be more different and difficult than swimming in the clear waters like your swimming pool. And also the technical tuning that you require to create to your stroke method is the major factor for many swimmers. It is also important for swimmers to be prepared for the obstacles during their next triathlon swim. It is important for them to maintain the stamina to finish the race.

Hospital Corpsman 1st Class Jamie Sclater swims to gold in his division of the 50 meter breaststroke.
Photo Credit: Official U.S. Navy Page

The challenging aspect in triathlon swimming is balancing your energy level during the triathlon swim. It doesn’t matter how well you are trained, there will be several factors that are not in your control such as wave conditions, wind, buoy mishap or colliding with your fellow competitors. But, if you concentrate keeping these factors in your mind and controlling it throughout, your techniques can help you face the challenges during the race. You can control your balancing and increase the likelihood that you’ll have a great swim finish. To have a powerful swim you must learn to increase your personal energy and pace accordingly. Remember, you should know your body well enough and how to expand your energy during the entire race.

When you are training for triathlon swim it is important to know how you are performing during your workouts and how you feel. You should also observe when you feel you are losing energy similarly to when you feel more energetic. For efficient training you should include various full race recreations both in open water and in swimming pools. You should observe how your body is reacting under normal race conditions so that you can contemplate on them during the race.

Practicing shifting gears in the swimming pool can help you pick up your pace. Keep track of your stoke count and for every 200 yards pickup your pace and maintain your standard stroke count. Here you can find 5 strong tips for your strong swim.

  1. It is important to get a strong position during the starting point of the swim. Don’t bump into other swimmers during initial stage, it helps you obtain a strong position. Many swimmers try to stay inside, so instead of going along with the crowd, try differently by swimming outside the pack and moving in when you get closer to the initial buoy. You will get more clean water when you go little far from the inner pack.
  2. Once you pass the initial part of the swim, you must save your energy levels by controlling your pace as you require energy later in your triathlon swim. Get the pace right and maintain it steadily, remember to swim with high elbows for both on recovery and catch.
  3. At the 3rd quarter of race you must increase your pace. Generally many swimmers save their energy level till the final quarter and then increase the pace, but it is advisable to increase at 3rd quarter so that it will help you achieve a stronger position. However, sometimes it may not give you the strength that you required and fast swim will not help you complete the race in general. Basically to keep up the pace you should shift gears, maintain the effort level below 100 percent.
  4. Finish the final part of the swim by maintaining your technique and rhythm. Take a lot of air at final part. Continue your kick as your legs need to warm-up for the bike. You should be quick enough to move your bike smoothly without feeling tired after the swimming.
  5. The final tip is, don’t stand up and don’t start running until you touch the bottom of the lake or river or etc with your hand. Too late or even too early can make you lose energy levels. So be composed and calm and complete the race effortlessly.

These are the 5 vital tips to strong swim for tour next St George Triathlon. Take proper training and keep your energy levels balanced throughout the race and complete the race smoothly.