Most of the times tourists just visit the main tourist locations in a city, but they don’t see the actual places where they can connect with people and learn about their cultural and activities.  When you visit different places you should also learn about their culture and traditions along with those tourist places that you wanted to visit.  Try thinking like a local when you plan for your next destination or next vacation (hopefully to a place like St George, but if not these tips are still helpful). Here you can find few tips that can help you think like a local.

1.           Dress as a local: When tourists visit places, it is very easy to recognize them, because they wear different kinds of clothing.  The tourists generally wear clothes that are totally different from locals including expensive jewelry, accessories, etc. Also looking different can make them an easy target, some of these locals act like guides and try to cheat tourists. So it is advisable not to wear expensive items when you visit places. If not fully, at least try to look like a local when you go out to explore these places.

2.           Commute in Public Transportation:  When you visit places take public transportation. Find out how locals travel from one place to another, and try to take on same type of their transportation, which can help you save money on private transportation.  For instance, in some places local’s uses multicabs, or tricycles but you can also find rentals cars and vans for higher price.  Though you are able to afford rental car, try taking a multicab or tricycle for fun and experience the feel and culture.

3.           Eat at local restaurants: Many people do not like to try local food, but we advise you to try local food. You can enjoy different tastes of a variety of foods. You can ask locals to suggest the best places to eat, best night sports, shopping deals and etc. Give yourself a chance to explore new tastes and new dishes. Who knows you may try to cook some of your favorites when you go back to your home.

4.           Explore the place:  Try to find routes to different tourist places. Get a map and go around to find new and exciting places in the area. Don’t just sit in your room and waste your precious time. Learn about the new place, get a feel of it, you may find some of the amazing truth of the place when you try to learn more about it.

5.           Learn to speak local language (obviously this doesn’t apply to visiting St George, but if you go elsewhere is certainly does): It is not easy but you can try it, learn to say few local words when you try to speak with locals.  Speaking in a local language can help you connect with local people and they can easily feel that you belong to that place. So you can easily communicate with them may be not fluently but manageably.  And also you can boast to your friends and family that you know another language now.

6.           Visit different places:  Visit different places other than some famous tourist attractions.  Most of these tourist attractions are crowded.  Though you came to visit these places, you can still go around some ancient places in the town instead of spending more time at tourist attractions.  You can find popular residential hangouts, local art, music, or displays, or anything that interests you.

7.           Try different foods:  Try to eat different types of foods. Give a new taste to your taste buds and enjoy tasting different varieties of foods that are available in local cuisine.

8.           Avoid budget tour: Though package tours are budget-friendly, but they don’t give freedom to explore the place the way you wanted to. You have to follow their schedule and their timetable. Though you will save some money in tour packages, but you can also miss many things. You may not be able to make another trip, so when you are here take full advantage of it, try to enjoy every moment and every event.

9.           Do local shopping: Don’t forget to shop. Go for local shopping, you may find most interesting stuff in local markets. The best part is you can get to bargain a lot. Buy some stuff to your loved ones and get some souvenir to make them happy. You can bring back home lots of memories and happiness.

10.         Just go: Don’t let small things stop you from traveling. Make a plan and just go there, figure it out as you go.

Travelling different place is fun, and when you get along with local when you visit places brings even more fun.  You will get to learn more about different cultures and traditions, food habits, lifestyle and many more. You will definitely bring back to your home lot of good stuff, and a complete change in your personality and thinking. St George may not be an exotic island, but there are certainly things you can learn about the locals here that you might be surprised about.