People ask that question all the time, what is there to do in St George? The locals probably ask that question a little more than most, but for those visiting St George it comes up a lot.

Clearly there are a lot of restaurants and places to eat out, but what besides that is there to do that is unique?

Take In a Tuacahn Show

Tuacahn in St George is one of the premier outdoor locations for plays concerts and the like. The setting is hard to compete with anywhere as your backdrop is Snow Canyons massive red rock canyons. You’ll sit in a modern outdoor amphitheater that provides some of the best sound and lighting you can find, and enjoy some of the best plays and shows this side of the country.

Take a Bike Ride Downtown

Track down some bikes and take a nice leisurely stroll in downtown St George. The main street park is a wonderful place to ride into and around, and the stores and ice cream shops near it will make for a perfect pit stop. One of my favorites is 25 Main, that offers arguably the best cupcakes in all of St George. And if you’re looking to add some dinner to your ride then Twisted Noodle right near it is a new local favorite.

Walk Up Around Dixie Rock

Dixie Rock is a hot spot for a lot of reasons, it’s easily accessible and offers some of the best views of the City. It’s a fun place to let the kids go and play on the rocks, as well as do some little hikes around the area. There’s a pavilion there for those looking to do some marshmallow roasting or barbecuing as well. The settings hard to beat as far as ease and benefits. Although it does get quite warm during the day during the summer months so be prepared.

Try a New Restaurant

We’re lucky in St George, as there are a host of new places to eat that are constantly coming up. There are so many it would hard for us to name them all, but there are plenty of resources online that will help you to narrow down your choice. There truly is a lot of great places to eat, for any pallet or appetite. From steaks and seafood, to Indian and thai food, we’ve got you covered in St George.