Here’s a few of our favorite things about St George and southern Utah. In fact narrowing it down to just a handful of things we like is harder that you’d suspect. So we’ll just jump right into it.

Events in Southern Utah

First and foremost we love how there’s something exciting going on nearly every weekend. From Sand Hollow to Brian Head there are just so many events for people to choose between that its a fantastic place to visit.

Case in point this weekend is Board Fest at Sand Hollow. This is a family event created in on of the most beautiful places and lakes in Utah. Its was created as an event that combines the most popular water sports of today, stand up paddle boarding (SUP, wakesurfing, and skim boarding. They have a bunch of vendors and sponsors lined up to come out and make it a fantastic weekend. The fun starts June 19th and goes until Sunday June 21st. Check it out.


Incredible Scenery in St George

Lets be honest, you can’t talk about southern Utah and St George without thinking about the incredible scenery here. From Zion National Park, to Cedar Breaks, and Pine Valley. The vastness of what’s offered here is quite unparalleled. You can be mountain biking in some of the most beautiful mountain trails imaginable in Brian Head Utah, and then an hour later be wakeboarding at Quail or Sand Hollow.

You can hike out in one of the most popular national parks in the country (Zion) one minute, and then just a short drive later be sitting at a serene mountain lake like Kolob Reservoir fishing for trout. The possibilities are just endless and sometimes you really have to sit down and sift through so many good things to find the best.

Beautiful Down Town St George

To top off all of the things and places you can go when visiting St George, it’s just nice to take a walk downtown once in awhile. Main street and other sections of downtown offer such a great place to unwind after an exciting day of adventure. Be is grabbing some dinner from the ever popular Pizza and Pasta Factory, to the newest addition to Ancestor Square George’s.

Then keep wandering around to see what other restaurants and ice cream parlors you can find. Downtown St George is a beautiful vibrant place that we just can’t get enough of.

Photo Credit: Boost Kiteboarding