Winter Golf in St. George Utah is Worth Your Vacation Time

Winter golf in St. George Utah is worth your vacation time as it offers warmer weather and lack of snow. Even if it is winter time, you can get to enjoy a nine-hole game in one of the best golf courses in St. George even when the weather in the US is not quite forgiving.

Aside from the small yet challenging nine-hole golf course, you will also get to enjoy bigger golf courses that cater to professional and leisure golfers who want to have a great time in the middle of winter. Because of this, St George, Utah has become one of the best destinations for golfers during the winter season.

Playing Golf during Winter in Utah

One of the best things that makes winter vacation in St. George, Utah good is it doesn’t snow in the area. This makes it possible for golfers to bring in their golf equipment and start making rounds on the various golf courses that are scattered in the area.

  • Dixie Red Hills

Dixie Red Hills is one of the golf courses in St. George that offer the most scenic views and challenging golf courses that many golfers can ever find. Even though the golf course is not really that big and only features nine holes and is just 5,466 yards long, many golfers really enjoy this golf course because of the challenges that they face when they play a round in here.

Aside from having a lake that will make things challenging, the golf course also has mature trees that make things a lot more interesting for golfers who want to improve their skills while enjoying.

  • Sand Hollow Course

Sand Hollow Course is another golf course that you ought to visit when you get to St. George Utah during the winter season. Aside from having a vast 27-hole area, the place is also great in terms of weather and temperature. The temp is often ten to fifteen degrees higher, which makes a huge difference in terms of comfort while playing golf outside.

The lack of snow is also one of the advantages of this golf course since golfers are able to play in green turf even during the cold winter season.

  • Sun River

Another great golf course that is worth checking out when you go to St. George Utah during winter is the Sun River golf course. The place is making lots of improvements, despite them already having great service to their patrons. New tees and new bunkers were added and the area was over seeded from edge to edge.

If you really want to enjoy golfing even on winter, you ought to check St. George Utah. The place is a great destination for golfers who want to enjoy their sport even in the middle of a cold winter. Of course the area can get cold sometimes and there are also winter hailstorms and cold rain in the area but it is much friendlier than other areas in the US that are snowed in during the winter months.