Where Was the Movie John Carter Filmed? Location of John Carter Film in Utah

February 26, 2012

There are parts of our planet so stark, so bizarre in their topography, that it’s easy to imagine they’re alien landscapes.

That’s the case with Big Water, Utah, which is relatively close to the Green Valley Resort condos.  See the link to the right for booking info.

No wonder film director Andrew Stanton choose Southern Utah to film the new movie John Carter.  The vast dusty wasteland surrounded by ancient-looking rust-colored cliffs is a perfect place to bring Edgar Rice Burroughs‘ book to life.

Check out the John Carter movie trailer, and see for yourself the beautiful, unique scenery of Southern Utah.

Director Stanton’s production-design team chose the Utah high-desert spot to represent a barren stretch of the planet Barsoom.  Barsoom, which readers of Edgar Rice Burroughs’ original John Carter fiction novels know, is what Martians call Mars.  Barsoom may not be as well known as Tatooine or Pandora, but for fans of Burroughs, it’s the Planet Zero of space fantasy.

The Big Water, Utah location of John Carter gave the movie the right look matching the book’s description.

“I wanted a visceral feel I had when I watched the first 20 minutes of Star Wars,” Stanton was quoted as saying in Wired Magazine.

The movie’s leading man is Taylor Kitsch, who is best know for his role as Tim Riggins on TV’s Friday Night Lights.

Big Water UT is located on I-89 just before Lake Powell.  It’s due East of St. George, and is roughly 137 miles of easy highway driving away.

Big Water made news in the 1980s as a polygamous colony of the Joseph clan. It also made news in 1986, when the mayor Alex Joseph and the city council left the Republican Party to join the Libertarian Party. This made Joseph the first Libertarian mayor in the history of the US.

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